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What is a carbon credit?

A carbon offset credit is a transferable instrument certified by governments or independent certification bodies to represent an emission reduction of one metric tonne of CO2, or an equivalent amount of other greenhouse gas (GHG). The purchaser of an offset credit can “retire” it to claim the underlying reduction towards their own GHG reduction goals.

Why buy carbon credits?

Climate change is a puzzle, as with any puzzle there are multiple pieces that fit together in order to complete the picture. Reducing emissions and decarbonizing economies is urgently required, however time is running out and the technology to do so is not always available.

This is where carbon credits come in. Companies and individuals can account for their unavoidable emissions by buying carbon credits from certified activities that support community development, protect ecosystems or install efficient technology to reduce or remove emissions from the atmosphere. When you purchase a carbon credit from Tree Peace, you are supporting projects that we are currently sponsoring.

What types of projects do my carbon credits fund?

Carbon offset projects come is many forms and are located all over the world. Project types include forestry and other land use projects, emission reductions in industrial processes, methane capture and destruction from under regulated landfills, and through digesters located on dairy farms. Carbon capture and storage of emissions from fossil fuel combustion is another type. Energy efficiency and renewable energy is a project type that is fast becoming business as usual.

What happens when I buy carbon credits?

Tree Peace will retire the carbon credit for you. This is a regulatory process in which your name and the number of offsets purchased is registered with the issuing body (e.g. Verra or Gold Standard). Once carbon offsets are retired they can not be resold or reissued. This process helps fund carbon offset projects around the world. 

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What offsets does Tree Peace offer?

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