small business carbon offset
small business carbon offset

Small Business Carbon Offset (Monthly)

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Most retail businesses or offices generate approximately 0.5 mT of carbon emissions per employee every month. Every carbon offset you purchase destroys GHG equivalent to 1 mT of carbon dioxide. 

Calculate the carbon footprint of your business using the Cool Climate carbon footprint calculator.

Company Name entered when checking out will be used for Certificate. Certificate will be emailed within 24 hours.

Each carbon credit is an independently verified reduction of greenhouse gases (GHGs) which can be traced back to the carbon project that generated the emission reduction.

  • Real – The project’s carbon reduction is measurable.
  • Additional – The value of reductions must be beyond “business as usual.”
  • Verified – An independent and qualified third party has conducted a detailed reviewed of all aspects of the carbon project, and attests to the emission reduction claim.
  • Registered – Carbon credits are unique, serialized, tracked and can be retired only once.
  • Permanent – The GHG removal, represented by carbon credits, is permanent and cannot be reversed. For forest projects, the project registrar provides a robust buffer system to account for any unforeseen reversals (forest fire, etc.).

support underprivleged neighborhoods around the u.S.

Purchasing carbon offsets from a nonprofit helps fund projects around the world. However, all proceeds from the offsets are utilized to plant trees in parks that are located in underprivileged neighborhoods. Make a difference with Tree Peace!

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